About Lethbridge Real Estate

LETHBRIDGE has one simple focus – We Succeed Together or Nos simul succedent. You will see the Latin translation on most of our material, as the LETHBRIDGE name has been traced back to Heraldic times and the business philosophy is founded on old-fashioned principles of trust and honesty (Fide et honore). Our Logo is a stylization of a phoenix rising over ramparts, which is the LETHBRIDGE family crest.

We don’t have a wordy Mission Statement (it is just 3 words!), huge Operations Manuals, inflexible systems constricting clients, or unnecessary rules burdening our associates. We simply pick the best people and we don’t burden them with rules beyond strict compliance and common sense.

 You will notice this with simple, plain English documentation. We have distilled the essential practice of real estate and dispensed with duplication that merely caters to either inexperience or the inability to observe common sense.

With our associates – they understand that ‘We Succeed Together' means BOTH interests are paramount – yours and ours. They know that when you rely on their advice – it has to be right AND objective. We are not a company of egos, but professional associates enjoying a common focus that overlaps both our personal and business philosophies.

From now, you can choose an associate with LETHBRIDGE that lives and breathes our corporate mantra. You know that trust and honesty are the cornerstones of our brand and that when you choose us, we succeed together.


Alan Lethbridge

Principal | Auctioneer | Selling since 1989
Approved REA CPD trainer